Elders Program

Every Elder should be taken care of as they’ve lived through much hardship from Residential schools and colonization. Now we must take care of them as they have paved the road for many generations.

These are just some of the most useful and high demand items we want every Elder to have when needed. We want to make sure our Elders have these items before they need it so that there is no suffering due to the delay of the medical system and process.

Most items just require a doctor’s written prescription brought to a medical equipment place that sells these items.. The powered wheel chair will require an Occupational therapist to do an assessment at the home. Approval times can be 2-4 weeks.

Please contact us to make sure your Elders are taken care of or if you have any questions at all about what’s available. Call John 7788066993 or IndigenousInov@gmail.com

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