• If you’ve ever been mistreated in the health care system, here’s how to file a formal complaint. It is very important to file a formal complaint EVERYTIME you have been mistreated so that a paper trail of complaints are recorded. This video was created by Madi and Vanessa, 2 practicum students from Langara College. We can help you with this process if you want, please let us know. #stopracism #FileAComplaint #indigenoushealth #makeadifference #practicumstudents #GreatProject #yourvoicematters
  • Tylenol, Pepto Bismal (NOT B.C) Metamucil, some vitamins, Polysporin, allergy medication, gravol, acid reflux, lice shampoos, skin creams are FREE with your status. In BC, you need to get your doctor to write a prescription for it, in Alberta you must go to “Prescribing Pharmacist” (We can help you with this, please send us a message)
  • Your diabetes test strips CAN be covered by Status, if you take a course first. (We can help with this, send us a message)
  • If are being mistreated by your doctor, you can go to a walk in clinic or emergency to see another doctor. You are NOT stuck with your doctor. Report that doctor! We can help you do that!
  • You can use ANY pharmacy, you are NOT stuck with that pharmacy.
  • Most Shoppers Drug mart or Rexall are UNFAMILIAR with Status coverage, so they they just say to you, “You have to pay for it” but that’s not true.
  • If you are being MISTREATED, PLEASE REPORT IT. (We can help you with that, come down and we can help you file a complaint)
  • If you have a illness for a long time and need medication that is not covered by status, you can try to appeal for First Nations Health Authority. ( We can help with this, send us a message)
  • You can ONLY get braces for your child if they have MAJOR mental or physical issues. To make your child’s teeth look pretty will NOT be covered and is a WASTE OF YOUR TIME. (Jordon’s Principle will cover mental issues, Status will pay for medical issues. If you want to know more contact us)
  • NEVER pay out of your own pocket for services that are covered or pay EXTRA money. There are many places that DON’T charge extra and direct bill to insurance.
  • ONLY if your on “Person With Disability” PWD, you will have coverage for emergency one time replacement for glasses and dentures.
  • 2 questions to ask BEFORE you go to any place for medical equipment: 1. Do you direct bill to Pacific Blue Cross for First Nations? 2. Do you charge more than our coverage allows? If they say yes to any of the questions, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.
  • ONLY Ministry pays for a scooter if you are PWD or previously on PWD but on pension now. Ask us for the form you need to get the Occupational Therapist to sign, you can also get it at the Ministry offices. It’s NOT available for download anywhere.
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