These successes are a result of our First Nation clients directly participating to this effort by patronage, contribution and love to make the land we live on a better place for other First Nations and the DTES community.

  • First Nations Nasal Narcan program.
    • Prevented over 4000 overdose deaths in Vancouver in 2020.
    • Prevent 6208 overdose deaths in Vancouver this year 2021.
  • First Nations “Food for life” program.
    • Donated 277 QUALITY meals to DTES community since Jan 1/21.
  • First Nations medicine program.
  • First Nations “Happy Feet” program.
    • Provided FREE 7 custom orthotics to fellow support workers in DTES.
  • First Nations “Sunny Smile” program.
    • Will be providing 1 Full set of dentures to Non-Status DTES community in Oct 1/2021
  • Provided student practicums for Native Educational College, Langara College and Adler University.
    • In 2020 we provided 6 students practicum opportunities.
    • In 2021 we provided 6 students practicum opportunities.

In 2020 we were blessed to help over 300 clients in Vancouver and lower mainland and donated 300 pairs of shoes to DTES Vancouver. In 2021 we are lookin to increase that to over 500.

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