To POSITIVELY IMPACT how First Nations are treated and experience the medical system in Canada.

Adrian Beaverbones and John Su (Founders)

Indigenous Innovations YVR recognizes the RACIAL, SOCIAL, and ECONOMICAL challenges First Nations are faced within Canada. We have identified those challenges, create systems to break down those barriers and become advocates for First Nations people. We have created a micro medical system based on trust, social responsibility and empathy. Our Canadian Health care partners are COMMITTED to our corporate mission and have agreed to ALWAYS TREAT OUR CLIENTS WITH RESPECT AND COMPASSION.

Te’ta-in Shane Pointe Elder from Musqueam Nation

40 thoughts on “WHO CAN WE HELP?

  1. The is a article in Vacouver Island News written by Ryan Hook ..
    It’s about 2 men taking down red dresses from the side of the Hwy there on the Island..
    Several people including myself have commented about what the Red Dresses Represent the MMIMG .However it is not clear with alot of people why red dresses would be hanging in trees along the highway and they will not last ..Perhaps the MMIMG would consider signs or bulletins the make the CAUSE more identifiable in words & a picture …


    1. I agree, more information needs to be delivered and regulated by the government. For those that do not know, they may see it as littering or a memorial that needs to be cleaned up. How did you find this website?


  2. How can a non-native (First Nations) person contribute to your efforts to recover and heal from the wrongs that have been (and still are) harmed? My family has been here since the mid 15th century but we have been shielded from the knowledge of the atrocities that your people have suffered. What can I do to help you recover?


    1. The sharing of the truth and defense of what happened in history instead of the “Government version” Engage and promote the culture. I think those things if every Canadian knew, our country and support for Indigenous would be very different.


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